Exe Velo Membership Fee

Exe Velo Membership Fee


When Paying your membership to Exe Velo Online

You Fully Accept that Neither the Club,nor his members, nor his officers, nor his committee shall be liable to damage to person or property sustained during any of the club activities.

You agree to conform to all the Club rules.
All applicants are urged to consider the insurance cover they have for 
their cycling activities, including personal and third party cover.
Exe Velo Cycling Club provides no insurance cover for its
riders and accepts no responsibility for any claims.
Riders in events organised under the regulations of the national cycling
organisations should familiarise themselves with the organisations’ rules
and provisions for insurance.

 We Recomend to all our riders to take Cycling insurance by either joining: gold or silver membership with British Cycling.


Quantity:  at  £20.00  each 

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